Learn how to get higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate) from landingpages, more conversions and a long queue in your inbox!

"Not harder - just Smarter" - this is how you get automated display of "stars" in the search results (SERP). And "aggregated" ratings become dynamic on all web pages!

Success online starts in the SERP on Google - whether you want to accept it or not - which is why it's important that the customer review stars appear in the search results!


Au2matic.com makes it easy - no hocus-pocus - copy and paste the finished code scripts into the header of your web pages, request re-indexing and success is on its way!

EASY: copy the script into the HEADER of your web pages once, then your web pages will always show accumulated ratings. The display of stars (in real time) will be automated! You can see the test page here and choose to see the source text depending on the browser.


The following screenshot shows validation with Schema.org after inserting the au2matic.com review script


87% of your potential new customers find one of your landing pages via Google. New customers never type your website's url! They are searching for a product or service and if your SEO is optimized, your pages will appear in the SERP on Google and if you signal credibility and safety (review stars) here, they will click on the link. Otherwise, they examine the ratings on Trustpilot or another review platform.


A subscription to au2matic.com means that you become "master of Reputation Management and Review Marketing", starting in SERP on Google,  and following up on your website landingpages. You don't need any other tools or software. The emails you send after a trade can link to your own website and accumulated reviews can be displayed on your own website. Au2matic.com makes it all easy, you can start absolutely free!


Questions and answers related to "Aggregated Review Stars in Google SERP"
What is seo?
SEO, Search Engine Optimization, in practice it's "how to rank better" on SERP of Google and Bing - attract more new customers and make the present buy more!
How to show stars in SERP (Reviews Snippets)?
The stars in SERP on Google and Bing require you to tell the search engines that you would like them to be displayed. You do this by inserting structured data on all the landing pages (web pages) on which you want stars to be displayed.
When does Search Console read the changes to "Product Markup"?
Once the au2matic script is copied into the header of your web pages, you must ask Google or Bing for re-indexing. As far as Google is concerned, this is done via the Google Search Console. If Google believes the pages meet the requirements for "Aggregated Reviews" then stars will be displayed right after the re-indexing.
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