How to manage Reputation Management on your own website?

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is about what customers think about us, our goods and our services and here customer reviews are the most used tool. Perhaps Reputation Management is one of the most important things in Online Marketing 2022! The control starts with the collection itself.


⦁ Some collect customer reviews on Trustpilot

⦁ Some collect customer reviews on Facebook

⦁ Some collect customer reviews on Google My Business


And more companies are using all three platforms and spending a lot of time on consolidation and commenting.


But the fact is, it's getting harder and harder to get customers' ratings on these three platforms. Customers do not bother to log in to fill out the rating form.

#I got an invitation to write a review. Do I still need to create a profile on Trustpilot?
Yes. If you receive an invitation to write a review on Trustpilot from a company, you will still need to sign up and create a user profile before you can share your experience with our community.
#Why can I not write a Google review?
Google support:
You can not add an anonymous review. You must have a Google Account.

Reputation Management - manage your reputation from your own website!

With Au2Matic, the collection of customer reviews can easily be moved to your own website!
Make it easy for customers to rate - let them choose whether they want to be anonymous or provide email - and get many more customer reviews.
Please rate in stars
Please leave your name
Please comment

Easy, easier and easiest ...

From your CMS or the software you create the website with, you create a form and define the fields you would like to enter and a submit button. The form fields must have specific names see [...] and the form must link to

You are responsible for design, Au2Matic provides values, technology and autopilot.

Sådan ser vores side til nye kundeanmeldelser ud
Mandatory: [sto] din au2matic apikey
Mandatory: [rate] number of stars
Optional: [culang] iso country code
Optional: [backurl] evt. url to which the customer is sent
Optional: [returnmsg] evt. parameter to backurl
Optional: [ipa] ip address
Optional: [cn] customer name
Optional: [cmt] possibly entered comment
Optional: [cem] any e-mail address entered
Optional: [pro] possibly product key
Insert an iframe on the web page and link it to with your au2matic apikey as parameter. Then you get one of the pre-designed customer review forms (widgets) on your own website and do not have to think about setup or coding.
Au2Matic has some ready-made web pages that can be used freely. Embed your website via your au2matic apikey and your company name to be displayed as a parameter.

Click on the link in the example and see the function live. 🠖

And you can just copy the finished link into the email that is sent to the customers asking them to rate their experience.

Then you're getting started with Reputation Management in the easiest way..
Hi George,

Thank you for your subscription to
We would greatly appreciate your rating of our platform as well as a comment about what it gives you in return.
It can be done completely anonymously and only takes a minute. Thanks in advance

Click here and help us get even better ♥

With best regards

How do you respond to "bad" customer reviews?

Are there bad customer reviews?
It is almost impossible to get only four and five star reviews and should that happen, many consumers will question the authenticity of the reviews.
If a customer "only" wants to give one star then there is usually a reason for this and you can hope the customer states in the comment. From the dashboard in, you can select by number of stars and it is always a good idea to comment on a customer rating on a few stars. Create your answer to the customer review in the dashboard and if the customer has provided his / her e-mail address, he / she will receive an e-mail with the comment and it will be displayed online together with the notification so new customers can see that you have responded.

"The good objective comment" is good style when talking about Reputation Management. Relate to the cause and write for example "... we must do better next time ... thank you for sharing with us...".
must-one-comment-on-a-two-star review

"Keep it simple" even though Reputation Management seems complicated ...

All business decision makers are concerned about the "reputation of the business". After all, that is what keeps current customers and acquiring new ones. Unfortunately, very few of us "cultivate" it or have put Reputation Management on autopilot!


Remember - new customers do not enter your website address in the browser, they will find you on Google or another search engine - if otherwise your website will appear in the search results - and signal security, trust and credibility. Three stars on average is enough for 57%, enough for them to feel confidence, trust and credibility and "look closer" and CLICK on the link in the search result.


That's why it's so important to get customer reviews displayed in the search results on Google, Bing and others and follow it up, on the company's website. Reputation Management is mostly about making it easy to rate or customer review, ensuring that customer reviews are saved, can easily be answered or commented on AND MOST IMPORTANT OF EVERYTHING is included in online marketing. helps your business to:

Become visible on Google with Review Snippets.

⦁ Make it easy for new customers to rate their experience on your own website.

⦁ manage the reputation, respond to reviews and display it on the website, thereby signaling the security, trust and credibility that the consumer of the future is most looking for online.


In other words, management of the company's reputation (Reputation Management) but also the marketing (Review Marketing) on ​​its own website and all completely automated.

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