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Michael Fiil
idea man

The SME Business needs online marketing software that runs on autopilot.
Covid-19 lockdown became a "wake-up call" for most businesses in the SME segment ...

This is how Michael Fiil begins his answer to how Au2Matic.com came to be - but most of all a story that leaves the reader with the feeling of a desire to create some software that makes it easier for the SME business to navigate within it "new normal" and most important to ensure that a future lockdown never has the same consequence as Covid-19 has had?
Lockdowns have had unmanageable consequences financially. For all countries and for the majority of companies and there are many who have not yet recovered. The physical stores were forcibly closed and many of them had never thought about what it means to be forcibly closed physically and not be online - or visible online. It made many creative on social media with "social selling". Now we write 2022 - Covid-19 has come into the background - but in Europe there has been a new challenging shock - Russia's invasion of Ukraine - new challenges for the countries in Europe with refugees who must be accommodated, live a life in a foreign country - but most of all would like to return to Ukraine.

The "new normal" makes some demands that few in the SME segment can meet because their organization does not have the necessary competencies but most of all, because they do not understand what is needed and do not have the finances to hire.

Au2Matic's mission is to develop and offer digital tools for companies and businesses within the SME segment, which make them competitive, financially manageable and ensure that they gain significant online visibility in the future.
Jimmy Atkins
Researcher and teacher at Birmingham Univerty

All consumers are seriously looking for security, credibility and trust - b2b and b2c - will you win my trust, so let me start for free and "feel" your promises, BEFORE I have to pay...
Why is the trend that one should provide his credit card with free trial subscription?

"Some consumers already fear here that there is a risk of being bound and charged for something they do not know and therefore it counts negatively on the trust barometer," says Jimmy Atkins, who since 2018 has researched and taught in "buyoligy" and ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline). His research shows that 8 out of 10 omit a trial subscription if you have to provide your payment card!
Every single day, millions of consumers b2c and b2b are "cheated" online and the pattern is well known. Even if something is too cheap or promises the unattainable, we are attracted. When many are cheated, at the same time there are more who go to work more thoroughly and therefore we check customer reviews like never before.

"People want to trade with people they know or feel they can trust", Atkins continues and therefore the pattern looks like this when we look for "something" that we have not traded before or do not know a credible supplier on: We go on a search engine - over 70% go to Google - types what we are looking for and the links we see in the search result are checked in Trustpilot, if "ratings" did not appear in the search result.

If you want me to sign up for a subscription based on your promises and offer me to "try for free" then why do you want my debit card information before my trial subscription starts?
Michael Fiil: "I have been following Jimmy's research in" buyoligy ", ROPO and the" new normal "since 2019 because I want to understand why many are basically skeptical of online trading and online subscriptions. But also understand how to differentiate out and here it is clear that "let me try without having to pay" and Review Marketing are important "tricks"

Our own research confirms: 7 out of 10 start with a free and completely non-binding subscription, where they get the opportunity to try all the platform's facilities, however, with a maximum of 30 customer reviews. Once they get the review script copied to their web pages, and get re-indexed by Google or Bing and see the result, then 6 out of 7 made upgrade because they have been convinced ..
Team Au2Matic.com

We announced our startup in the Market in December 2021 via external portals within online marketing and
since March 2022 on our own website. The reception has been fantastic and

Michael Fiil - idea man and commercial manager (Danish)
Paul Wilson - support and doc responsible (English)
Paula Gottfried - Development Manager and API Manager (German)
Vladimir Elena - ASP.net developer (Ukrainians)

as well as 5 freelancers (Austria, Moldova, France and the Netherlands) say thank you for the trust
What is online success?
In short, it is when you get new buying customers from the internet and sell more to the customers you have.

Online success is easy to measure if you have an online store with self-service because here the number of new orders can be read directly. Online Success is also measurable when the Internet "provides physical customers to the physical store" (ROPO).

How to get online success with your small or medium business?
It is no longer as difficult as many people think. First and foremost, one must be visible on the internet and in this context, the internet = the search engines Google and Bing. That's where 90% of us all start a search for goods, services or help.

But we are not only searching for goods, services or help we are looking for security first and foremost. Security not to be cheated or misled. That is why platforms like Trustpilot exist.

Can you combine the display of goods, services and help and at the same time signal trust, credibility and security?
Yes and here Google's Review Snippets come into the picture. If you market customer reviews already in the search result then new potential customers get a sense of security, trust and credibility and many lower the parades.

Au2Matic.com can be your easy way to Review Snippets in Google search results, effective business reputation management and online customer review marketing.

And you can get started for free - no credit card needed!