SME: How to make your business visible online for the future generation Millennials and Z?

Everyone is talking about the "new normal" but the recipe is familiar! Reputation management and marketing of customer reviews. On landing pages, product pages - yes all pages - but most importantly start in SERP on Google and Bing.
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Online success starts in Google SERP?

Because displaying ratings and review stars in SERP on Google and Bing provide better ranking, increase visibility and signal the security, trust and credibility new customers actually seek most ... makes it easy for companies in SME category - just copy and paste the finished script into the header of your landing pages once and the autopilot will ensure that new customer reviews are automatically counted and displayed in the search results.
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But behind it's all about managing your SME Reputation...

It should be easy for customers to give their reviews. Customer reviews from other platforms such as Trustpilot, Facebook and Google My Business etc. must be included, answered and integrated so that accumulated review snippets is complete. makes Reputation Management easy. Easy to start and easy to practice. You even get it all with Autopilot ...
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People want to deal with people they know or feel they can trust...

And that confidence, credibility and trust Review Marketing helps to provide. First in the search result on Google and afterwards on your website. Market your customer reviews - show them - even three stars are perceived positively and help to give new customers the trust that means everything to them.
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February 2022 by Dave Fedewa and Chauncey Holder, McKinsey Research
SME: Just Copy and paste the scripts and start a queue of Customers from the new generation! helps your SME business succeed online - regardless of industry. You choose how detailed the customer reviews should be displayed. Accumulated, at product/service or blog article level. Everything is possible and the only thing you have to do once is to copy the finished script into the header of the web pages and then Google and Bing know that you want to show stars in SERP. is easy to implement in all CMS systems - copy paste, save, publish and request reindexing in the Google Search Console.

See here how easy it is.
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