Online success starts in Google search results...

With stars, review snippets and rating in the search results on Google and Bing. But that requires on the web pages - so here's the recipe for how Review Snippets get on autopilot!

On Google, the stars are called Review Snippets..

Review Snippets (Stars) in the search results on Google and Bing requires that you tell the search engines that you want them displayed. You do this by inserting structured data on all the landing pages (web pages) you want stars to appear on.
Structured data is based on the standard, which are code scripts with a specific setup and the values ​​that are to be displayed.

It takes focus and time to program structured data which unfortunately gives static results!

application/ld+json @context: @type: Review

A single set of structured data that must be copied into web pages is affordable, but if you have product pages that each have their values ​​on customer reviews, then you really have to set aside time and keep your concentration sharp. If you have tried it before, you also know that this method gives static results - because you copy the values ​​together with the code. New customer reviews are not counted and therefore the web pages must be continuously updated with the new current values!

How to get structured data and Review Snippets on autopilot so they always show customer reviews and ratings in real time?

Au2Matic makes it easy - copy-paste - and shows dynamic Review Snippets - on autopilot!

And it's easy - Start your subscription and Login on - copy the finished script and paste it into the header of your web pages you want Google to display Review Snippets on.

The script uses an API to retrieve your latest accumulated customer reviews and never needs to be updated or changed manually - that is Review Snippets or Review Marketing on autopilot?

It is simple copy & paste and does not require knowledge of programming, java or html. The script works perfectly with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla !, Shopify, Progress, Sitefinity, GoDaddy Website Builder, Umbraco, Weebly as well as all php, asp, aspx and html web pages.
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Online Marketing Buzzwords is unlimited ...
Rich Snippets, Review Snippets, Review Stars - usually we will probably search for "show stars in the search result" or "how to get review snippets shown in the search result on google" - if we search for information on how to show the stars in Google's search result. Most of us do not know the official buzzwords!

No matter what we "call it", the showcase of customer satisfaction - showing off what current customers think about their experience, the collaboration, the purchase, the product or our service - is all crucial to online marketing success. Many, within Retail Business,  would wish they had prioritized online visibility higher before being hit by Covid-19 lockdowns. Then they could more easily switch from physical trading to online business and that is exactly what the concept of ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline) is all about.

Rich Snippets, Review Snippets, Review Stars or online customer reviews do not have to be time consuming or "for specialist only". That is why we have developed, which in short makes it easy to start on Google by showing Review Snippets accumulated from current customers, who recommend or advise your business and makes trust, credibility and security visible.
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