7 steps - get started with Reputation Management and Review Marketing...

Think about the subscription you have chosen...
If you have chosen to try Au2Matic.com for free, your subscription can handle a maximum of 20 customer reviews and in practice this means that there may not be room for all your current customer reviews from Google My Business and Trustpilot. You just have to think about it before creating existing reviews under step 3.

If you have created a free subscription then we recommend that you limit the import of external reviews and make room for some new customer reviews - read more under step 7.

Follow these 7 steps and you are in the process of profitable Review Management and Review Marketing on au2pilot...
Step 1. Fix your au2matic login...
Login to your dashboard at au2matic.com requires a login email and password. You have entered the e-mail yourself but the password is auto-generated and you can not remember!

So start by changing your password. Login to Au2Matic.com and click on [My Data] in the menu and click on the [Users] submenu.

In the overview, click on the pencil in the line with your e-mail address.

The editing screen now appears with:

Change the field password to one you can remember and it is also a good idea to change the name to your personal name instead of the e-mail address.

Click save when the corrections are completed.
Step 2. Check and correct the primary schema.org name...
Review Snippets on Google and Bing require a name or description and au2matic.com offers a complete schema.org script as well as unlimited schema.org at the product level.

The total schema.org always shows totals - if your business has 223 customer reviews and an average of 4.5 then these are the two numbers that appear in this schema.org script. Click [My Data] and click the pencil in the list of your data and click the [script Links] tab. In the field [Schema.org name] you can enter, for example, company name and "online" or "website".
If the business is called "Carmagic" then you could type "Carmagic-online-services".

See also the next step or read more about Schema.org here
Step 3. Add more products or services you want customers to rate...
Under [My Data] is the submenu [Schema products]. Here you can create products or services that customers can rate separately.
If you have an automobile business, you may need customers to be able to rate car sales and the workshop separately or if you are a veterinarian, you may need customers to be able to rate consultation and various food products that are sold.

In Au2Matic.com you can create all the products and services you need. They each get a unique number that can be used in the review script (step 5) so that your product pages show product reviews instead of your business' accumulated reviews.
Step 4. Import customer reviews from external sources...
Does your business already have customer reviews on Google My Business, Trustpilot or Facebook? - then it is a good idea to have them created in Au2Matic.
If you can export them to a csv or excel file then they can be easily imported otherwise they can be created manually. Click [Ratings] in the menu and click [Customer Ratings] in the submenu. If you want to import, click on [gear icon] to the left of the login name and select [Import] or click on [Add] to create manually.

Remember the tip about your subscription. If you have chosen the free version with a maximum of 20 customer reviews, it's a good idea to create only one review for each external platform - just add new subscription and choose Trustpilot or Google or.. and enter the total count of reviews and average rate. Read more about this topic in the online help.
Step 5. Copy the Review Snippets script to your website...
Google needs to know that you want to show your customer reviews in the search results and this is done by pasting the finished au2matic review snippets script into the header of your web pages. The script is made completely automatically and you just have to choose whether it should be the accumulated script (see step 2) or a specific product or service script (see step 3).
Copy the script from au2matic and paste it into the <header> of the page, save the page and publish it. The script works with all CMS systems and only needs to be inserted once.

When Google and Bing re-index, the script ensures that they retrieve the latest accumulated ratings and votes. Remember that you can ask Google and Bing for new indexing - see step 6.
Step 6. Tell Google to re-index your website...
If you do not want to wait for Google to index your web pages, then you can request indexing through the Google Search Console or the Bing Webmaster Tool.

The scripts that are inserted in step 5 only work - or Google reads them first - when the web pages are re-indexed and therefore it is important that you request indexing as soon as you have finished step 5.

All in all, it's a good idea to ask for re-indexing every month and maybe every 14 days, depending on how many new customer reviews your business receives. In the Search console it is one click and it ensures that Google updates with latest figures from Au2Matic.

If you are not familiar with the Search Console from Google then read more here.
Step 7. Decide how customers can submit new reviews...
How should your customers make new customer reviews? Where should the entries be made? Your Au2Matic subscription offers easy, easier or easiest!
You get the best seo by creating a new landing page under your website, where customers can easily make a new customer review and send a link to the page, for example together with the electronic invoice or via a separate e-mail.

Easy: Here you create a form yourself via your CMS system on your website and link the form to Au2Matic.com
Easier: Here you insert an iframe on your website which links to Au2Matic.com
Easiest: Here you send a link to a finished web page under Au2Matic.com and do not have to develop anything yourself.

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