Written by Michael Fiil 15.04.2022

Breaking: Now customers can finally make reviews with just one click!


One of the most important things to master 2023 is customer reviews. Analyzes indicate the management and marketing of customer reviews as the most important in Online Marketing 2023. McKinsey Research lists customer reviews as a must within ROPO and the "new normal. Star ratings (Review Snippets) must appear in the search result on Google and the display must continue on website and landing pages.


But customer reviews start with the entry, the one that the customer has to make, and here is a tendency that the easier it is, the more customer reviews you get. If you ask a sample of consumers why they fail to create a review, the answer distribution looks like this:


65% do not bother to log in - it is too time consuming.

30% will only review if it can be neutral.

5% have other causes.


Maybe that also explains why the number of customer reviews on trustpilot and Google My Business is declining. In any case, there has not been the same increase in the number of reviews as in the number of online trades 2019-2021


What does it matter if you can submit your customer review with one click?

In April 2023, we conducted a survey of 100 users of Au2matic.com who had not yet reviewed their experience. The purpose was to find out if reviewing with one click gives multiple reviews and if it affects rating.


50 users received mail invitation I and other 50 users received mail invitation II.

(invitation I)

Dear Louise,

Thank you for subscribing to Au2Matic.com we hope you benefit as expected and find the platform easy to use.

We would very much like you to rate your satisfaction on a scale from 1-5 and it is easy via this link.

Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely
(invitation II)

Dear Louise,

Thank you for subscribing to Au2Matic.com we hope you benefit as expected and find the platform easy to use.

We would very much like you to rate your satisfaction on a scale from 1-5 and it is easy via this link.

You can also give your rating by clicking on the star that matches your experience below. (1 = dissatisfied and 5 are very satisfied):

Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely
The result of the test:
Invitation I: 13 of the invitees enter a review. Result: 13 new customer reviews and a success rate of 25%

Invitation II: 13 of the invitees enter a review and another 14 click on a star in the email. Result: 27 new customer reviews and a success rate of just over 50%

The easy one-click rating form thus doubles the number of interactions and confirms the initial statistics.

The benefits using one-click:
The success rate doubles and it is easy to get started with one-click customer reviews. In the invitation email that is sent to the customers, just insert an image or icon of a star and link it to the script that can be copied from the dashboard in Au2Matic. If you need help, you can order programming help via the support menu in the dashboard.

Disadvantages using one-click:
When a customer uses a one-click customer review, you will not receive a comment on the rating or name and e-mail. This means that one, two and three star customer reviews only contain rating - no explanation or reason - and therefore it is difficult to comment on. It can be done with advantage anyway.

We love "good reviews" - and here we are talking 4 and 5 stars and dread them with less. But as a starting point, there are no bad customer reviews and so on. There are those people who always complains. Those whose only goal is criticism. Apart from them, a customer review reflects the customer's or consumer's experience on your website or in your business and even if they only rate it as one to three stars, it is their experience - justified or not - so it is important knowledge so you can do the better next time and if it is unjustified then it must be commented on even if you can not read why the customer gives the chosen rating.

Howard Business Reviews writes about "making the best of bad reviews" or getting the best out of the worst ... the inevitable one and two star reviews, but at the same time reminding them that they can be used positively and not necessarily perceived negatively.

This article was written by Michael Fiil, who since 1997 has worked with SaaS solutions, e-commerce and data-driven marketing.

In 2023, many will call him a specialist in the concept of ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline), but his experience with and insight in digitization, started at the same time as the beginning of the Internet. In 1999, he headed the first International Business Partner at IBM Global Network and the thesis was EDI. Michael's first e-commerce platform, in 2001, was a Retail Management Platform, which per EDI could collect sales data from the stores' cash registers.

"The goal of marketing is to retain current customers or acquire new ones" and in the "new normal" offline and online merge. Data-driven marketing
is about utilizing known data and automating the display", Michael Fiil has stated, and more than 50.000 views of his blog articles support the topicality.

COVID-19 has shown with great force how important online visibility is when the physical store is closed down. That is why ROPO really became a concept during CORONA and important to master when talking about the "new normal".
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